그들. (Korean: geudeul, "Them.") is a four part sci-fi webcomic by J.S. and Max Tyler. 그들. takes place in 1996 Seattle narrated in a testimony format by protagonists Sasha Nam and Billy Norman. Their narration begins at the start of winter quarter at the University of Washington and details the events leading up to a full-scale war between extraterrestrials known only as 'Them' and The Agency, a secretive branch of the United States Department of Defense.

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Seattle, Washington, 1996. University of Washington graduate student Sasha Nam is partnered with freshman trio Billy Norman, Travis Barker, and Deryck Green as their study group leader for their first full year. While displeased at having time taken away from his graduate studies, Sasha has secretly been assigned to assess the possibility of Billy's recruitment as a new addition to his secretive employer 'The Agency'. After a string of seemingly unrelated child abductions that mirror the disappearance of his younger sister, Billy pressures Sasha into revealing more about what The Agency does and why they're interested in recruiting him.

With the reappearance of Sasha's childhood friend, Katsurou Yukimura, the composite knowledge given to Billy from the two reveal that The Agency is in truth the former United States Air Force UFO research program Project Blue Book turned into a US Department of Defense black-budget sub-department involved in human experimentation and preparing the USAF for warfare with extraterrestrials known as 'Them'.

After a confrontation between Katsurou and Sasha's landlord, Namid Valerov, revealed by Katsurou to be a member of The Agency's human experimentation program, the three are blackmailed into assisting The Agency in their war against Them. At the end of the epilogue, Billy states that after giving their official testimonies Sasha and Katsurou stole classified documents then sought political asylum in Japan with the intentions of exposing The Agency's human rights violations. Sasha and Katsurou appear in the webcomic's final panel, presenting the stolen documents to the Prime Minister of Japan with Billy stating:

I'm not sure what those two are doing now. I'm pretty sure, though, whatever they're doing is going to change the world.

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